Two countries, a lake and six reasons to visit Lake Neusiedl

Fertő is about 20,000 years old, the third largest standing water in Central Europe and the westernmost steppe lake in Europe. Most of it belongs to Austria and the rest to Hungary. Here are 6 reasons why you might want to visit there as well.

The name of the lake was given by the forgotten meaning of the word “fertile”, which refers to a swampy, clayey, muddy place - this is partly true even today, because 4/5 of the water surface of the Hungarian part and half of the Austrian part is covered with reeds. Nevertheless, the lake and the surrounding landscape offer an amazing experience, not accidentally declared a World Heritage Site. We have come up with 6 great programs that are worth visiting the Fertő landscape.

  1. Amazing bike roads
  2. The Hungarian Versailles, the Esterhazy estate on Fertőd
  3. Family Park in St. Margarethen
  4. National Park Fertő-Hanság
  5. Stone cave in Fertőrákos
  6. Village of Rust


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